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Disinfection by Cold Fogging

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3D disinfection with ultrasonic cold fogging

Innovative room disinfection with high efficiency

The cause for insufficient disinfection is mostly human error in combination with outdated disinfection methods. For decades, the disinfection of rooms was almost exclusively 2-dimensional using the well-known scrubbing and wiping disinfection.

Even trained cleaning personnel never reach all surfaces completely when handling them thoroughly. In addition, despite existing hygiene plans, unpleasant or difficult to reach areas are often insufficiently disinfected.

Although the chemicals used are mostly aggressive, disinfection is only volatile.

Our 3D disinfection is based on the release of charged polymeric active ingredients using ultrasound technology to eliminate (resistant) bacteria, viruses, fungi and organic odours of all kinds in a broad spectrum of activity. Cold fogging is used to remove harmful germs from the air and surfaces in a very short time and makes the air in the room healthier.

Irrespective of the size of the room, the polymer mist reaches all corners and cracks of the room and does not stop at germs in the air and on surfaces that are difficult to access.


By means of 3D disinfection, chains of infection are prevented, e.g. in health care. However, the range of applications includes a number of other areas in which the advantages of three-dimensional cold fogging can be used:

  •    Public transport (e.g. train, bus, tram or taxi)
  •    Hospitals, medical facilities & patient transport
  •    retirement homes, nursing and rehabilitation facilities
  •    Property management (e.g. apartment handovers or new buildings)
  •    Open-plan offices, meeting rooms and production facilities
  •    Sauna, wellness, spa and fitness facilities
  •    Hotel and gastronomy
  •    Air conditioning and ventilation systems

In the event of room contamination by viruses (e.g. Covid-19) or resistant bacteria, complete room disinfection is recommended before the rooms are released again.

3D disinfection compared to alternative disinfection methods

Our proprietary 3D disinfection process uses ultrasonic membranes to create cold mist.

This has numerous advantages compared to alternative room disinfection processes using non-polymeric agents and the application of the disinfectant through a compressor and nozzle:

  • comparatively quiet operation possible (can also be used outdoors)
  • Cleaning of complex or small rooms possible (such as ventilation shafts)
  • intelligent design and technology allows control from outside the room to be disinfected (using a tablet remote control as an optional accessory)
  • no tripping hazards due to annoying cables or compressed air hoses
  • sustainable protection instead of volatile disinfection
  • smaller particle diameters (<10 μm fog particles) and therefore higher efficiency compared to cold atomization with nozzle & compressor
  • better performance (more mist particles with the same active ingredient quantity)
  • increased economic efficiency (less biocide is needed)
  • pressureless, dry application of the polymer mist
  • durable, almost maintenance-free product
  • improved safety conditions for disinfectors / employees through remote access to the machine (tablet)
  • Reduction of personnel and workload (no unnecessary room sealing due to e.g. cables, hoses)
  • modern, user-friendly operation (look & feel)
  • Highly effective disinfection: disinfects more than 99% of all germs without the use of aggressive chemicals
  • recommended disinfectant of leading European recommendation lists
  • penetrates to the last corner of the room, even into every groove and crack
  • reaches every surface, even with large room heights
  • Technology counteracts human error (in pure wipe disinfection)
  • achieves long-term effects and provides a sustainable (temporary) protective function
  • eliminates unpleasant organic odours and fights fungi
  • relatively gentle to the room (without aggressive chemicals, as is the case with the hydrogen peroxide disinfection technology commonly used today)
  • High quality product “Made in Austria”: tested according to strict guidelines – designed, assembled according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN 15085, EN 6701, ECM.

The D2400 is a handy, mobile, state-of-the-art cold fog disinfection unit using ultrasonic membrane technology to apply fine aerosols in the room. With the help of a tablet it is possible – without entering the contaminated room – to influence the particle size of the fog during the fogging process, to view fog parameters in the snapshot, etc. The operation is simple and multilingual – different users can be installed on 2 user levels.


Biotech3D D2400, Series 001
ManufacturerH&P LTD

Tank capacity

12 Liter

max. usable for disinfection purposes

8,6 Liter

approx. 29 kg

Dimensions (l x w x h) (transport position)79 x 47 x 70 cm
Dimensions (l x w x h) (extended push handle)79 x 47 x 82 cm
Volume during operation< 63 dBa
Power750 W

Average Particle Size

< 10 µm
Fog output per hour (basic setting)ca. 4 kg
Fog volume per litre (polymer biocide)50 m3
Fog volume per unit and hourca. 200 m3
Maximum programmable humidity value96% r.F.
Power supply100-240 VAC
Colors of housingWhite
Protection classIP44
WLAN supportAvailable
CertificationsISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN 15085, EN 6701, ECM
  •    1 additional fan
  •    1 tablet (Android)
  •    1 room sensor (temperature and humidity)
  •    2 pieces 12-litre plastic tanks
  •    1 instruction manual
  • Instrument warranty: 2 years
  • Service centre: H&P Trading, Bundesstr. 18, 7531 Kemeten, Burgenland, Austria