CAS Technology

CAS has two functions, technology and innovation
One idea.
One technology.
One innovation is born.

Technology, Innovation & Beyond

The coronavirus is turning our world upside down and presenting new challenges to companies worldwide. Innovative technologies for disinfection and access control are helping to contain the pandemic.


Combating the medical and economic consequences of the corona pandemic is currently keeping the world on tenterhooks. We can help here with technical solutions covering the following product categories:

  • Surface disinfection
  • Access control through fever measurement
  • Hygiene dispenser
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CAS Technology is an innovative company specializing in the distribution of technology products and related services. The product range includes disinfectants, innovative solutions for energy efficiency, fire protection and many other special products.

Innovative technology without complex management at the pulse of dynamic technological developments: That is the focus of CAS Technology. CAS Technology aims to make access control easier and products more innovative. The technologies are state of the art and sales are direct and systematic.

POLYMER fogging machine

“Cleanliness and hygiene is a practice, not a project”


Our polymer nebulizer is an innovative product that treats bacteria and viruses quickly and efficiently by leaving invisible polymeric residues that last for weeks and months. The fog it creates stays in the room for 40-120 minutes and neutralizes all germs in the environment. Easy to install and use, this product promotes recurring applications and is therefore cost-effective.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke